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Stock Photos & Footage
'Royalty free' doesn't mean you're getting something for nothing. Plenty of sites allow downloads for a small one-off fee. I can point you in the right direction if you want to select something but there's no substitute for your own images when ever possible.

Music Resources
Thousands of original instrumental and song tracks available for web, tv, film, documentary, news, etc.




Website Ideas
It's a good idea to identify some site designs that you think could do the job for you. That way I know what you have in mind. Don't over-complicate things with fancy features that are going to slow the loading of your site for the end user. But if you really need something, go for it! Not only will I make sure it's properly integrated and customized for optimum effect but I'll also beat any bona fide advertised price. Most of my sites are custom built from scratch but this link should give you plenty of ideas.

Portraiture & Illustration
If you've been looking to have family or institutional portraits done then look no further. Anne Graham is an accomplished artist whose work includes hundreds of portraits hanging worldwide, with over two dozen commissioned by and completed for the UK's prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters. She has also done a wide range of illustrative works for many commercial applications.

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